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Television, the newest e-commerce platform

Imagine this, you’re at home watching your favourite TV show and suddenly you see that the shoes your favourite character is wearing are something you absolutely need.

You get a visual or audio cue to learn more about the shoes by using your phone or table. You scan the watermark QR code on the TV screen and you’re halfway to placing an order without ever having your favourite TV show interrupted.

That scenario may not be left to the imagination for far too long, and the possibility of shoppable TV advertising is getting many brands excited.

Today, many brands are jumping into the exciting world of Connected TV advertising which, unlike linear TV advertising, enables them to target and connect with users using personalized advertising on the largest screen in the home. But brands who have already been testing these new advertising waters are already thinking of the next best thing: shoppable TV advertising.

This new marketing opportunity lets brands do more than just advertise; it enables them to create a personalized ad experience while helping to create better opportunities for consumers to complete the customer journey without experiencing an interruption to their favourite show. Today, these ad experiences are seamless and leverage the fact that many consumers are watching TV while also holding their smartphone.


For those new to this concept, the current idea of advertising to streamers and multi-screen tv audiences works like this:

1. The target audience opens their camera. Viewers are alerted to keep their phone cameras up to the on-screen code during an ad-break.

2. The viewer scans the code or clicks using their TV remote. Scanning the code will prompt consumers to enter a landing page but for TV remote users, clicking on the ad keeps the experience on the large screen.

3. Consumers can then learn more about the product or service and do things like book a test drive, an appointment, add to cart, and even finalize the purchase.

The idea of shopping from home on TV is not technically new (Remember the shopping channel is still a thing) but Connected TV advertising takes this idea to a completely new level never seen before. It evolves the TV shopping experience to be a more engaging, interactive, social shopping experience without any of the consumer pain points and friction.

The future of shoppable TV looks very good, and it’s only going to increase in adoption as 86% of Canadians have a smartphone; and thanks to recent global events, Canadians of all ages are now familiar with using QR codes and shopping online.

Learn more about how ALPHA Konnect is helping brands in Canada connect with audiences on Connected TV by downloading our latest Connected TV guide on how this advertising channel works, best practices when running a campaign, how to properly measure campaigns, and more.


Carlos Guevara is the Marketing Director at APEX Mobile Media and was the host of the podcast "In Search of Good Data." He has also helped various organizations in the private and non-profit sector to become more customer-centric with the use of enriched data and modern marketing and advertising strategies.

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