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My connected TV experience means watching ads on my own terms

I recently decided to upgrade my home theatre game and went full blown 65 inch OLED. As a gamer, and lover of attention to detail in picture quality, I could go do no better. But because I was so busy doing research on the technical specs of my new TV purchase, I overlooked one detail that blew me away upon discovery. That detail was the number of FREE internet TV channels that were included within the operating system of my new TV.

Once I discovered access to FREE internet TV, I was left wondering; why am I still paying for cable? Well, the truth is that although internet TV offers a great variety of good content; there are still some things that I can’t get from my FREE internet TV. Take live sports events as an example.

The biggest win for me from a consumer perspective was that the FREE internet TV and on-demand apps that I am using come at a cost that I am ok with. That cost is that I must sit through ad breaks that I want to see. Unlike linear TV advertising, ad supported video on demand uses different data points to better deliver advertising that the viewer will want to sit through or at least not mind. In addition, it provides the viewer the ability to interact with ads. For example, last night I was watching Major League, an old 1989 guilty pleasure of mine on TUBI, a free video on-demand app that’s supported by ads when an ad for Bet MGM came on and provided me with a QR code to download the app and get started.

So how did TUBI know that this was an ad I might want to see? It probably knew from my smartphone browsing history that I have been looking into the rise of sport bet apps in Ontario and took this opportunity to advertise to me on my new large screen.

For the advertiser, it’s a great way to accurately target households using first- and third-party data and cross channel advertising tactics. But ultimately, when connected TV advertising is done correctly, brands can track ad data and attribute them to things like foot traffic, site visits, downloads and even conversions. The truth is that Canadians like myself love watching TV and today 14 million of us in Canada make up the FREE internet TV streaming audience, which will grow to 16 million in just 4 years.

Today brands need to leverage new and existing ad-tech to better deliver ads that take consumers on individual and personalized experiences that they will want to engage in. Having consumers watch TV with ads that they will want to see is just the start.

Learn more about Connected TV advertising by downloading our FREE white paper on Connected TV advertising.


Carlos Guevara is the Marketing Director at APEX Mobile Media and was the host of the podcast "In Search of Good Data." He has also helped various organizations in the private and non-profit sector to become more customer-centric with the use of enriched data and modern marketing and advertising strategies.

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