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Connected TV advertising and the opportunity to reach millions of multi-screen users

TV has always been a pass time that Canadians enjoy. For advertisers, this pass time has always been the go-to for brand awareness. Today, that logic remains but as 14 Million Canadians and counting shift to digital TV consumption and streaming services, advertisers are following but also looking for a new and evolved way of TV advertising where an ad spot can do more.

New connected TV capabilities and updated ad formats for smart TV’s are helping to make the case for Connected TV advertising as a tool for brand awareness and now user acquisition. A Connected TV now changes the way a viewer is watching television. In the past, Canadians would be distant from the screen, and engaging with content in a laid back and relaxed environment. Today, TV consumption is no longer about passively watching or listening to background noise but about being immersed in a personalized experience. From curated content, personalized suggestions, and personalized and highly targeted ads. The entire TV experience is now about the viewer, the content they are interested in watching, and the ads that are relevant to their everyday life.

Modern interactive advertising tactics on Smart TV’s such as QR code are helping to further engage mutl-screen viewers and further push interaction between the viewer and the screen they are watching. A trade desk report indicates that 76% of TV viewers in North America are also on their smart phone, which presents an opportunity to target multi-screen users at home during a TV ad spot. This new strategy for TV advertising can help brands in Canada create new personalized and interactive brand experiences with a simple on screen QR code during a commercial break that not only creates awareness, but can also help to drive action and even conversion.

An example of this would be from our Connected TV partner VIANT who ran a Connected TV spot for Wal-Mart, which used a TV ad spot and QR code to help drive brand awareness on the largest screen in the household while also enabling viewers to instantly action on the offer.

The combination of contextual targeting, unique household identifiers, and new creative ad formats is getting us one step closer to one day being able to see real world items during a movie, or TV program and simply clicking on that item to order.

Learn more about modern Connected TV advertising in Canada, the current advertising landscape and the cookieless technology ALPHA Konnect is using to connect brands in Canada with viewers at home using the VIANT household ID technology.


Carlos Guevara is the Marketing Manager at APEX Mobile Media and was the host of the podcast "In Search of Good Data." He has also helped various organizations in the private and non-profit sector to become more customer-centric with the use of enriched data and modern marketing and advertising strategies.

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